Skiing holidays at top ski resorts

Idyllic winter holiday for families

Parts of Austria enjoy plenty of fresh snow! Especially Lower Austria and the Mariazellerland were blessed in the last days with up to 60 cm of long awaited white splendour.

Skiing with the family is an experience! Many JUFA Hotels are located right by or in the immediate vicinity of less crowded and more economical ski resorts. Whether skiing at top destinations or in one of the many other family-friendly ski resorts in Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany – you will find the right choice here for everyone! Skiing with the whole family does not have to be expensive because

Many “JUFA Ski Resorts” are regularly selected among Austria’s most economical ski resorts. Especially families with children can expect a top price-performance ratio at many JUFA Ski Resort Hotels.

Austria’s most economical ski resorts (directly at/or near a JUFA Hotel)


Discover the top ski resorts

Erwachsene und Kinder auf Sessellift in der Skihalle Neuss in Nordrhein-Westfalen.  JUFA Hotels bietet kinderfreundlichen und erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.
Indoor ski slopes – JEVER Fun Ski Hall Neuss!

Holiday in beautiful North Rhine-Westphalia and ski on snowy pistes? The JEVER Fun Ski Hall makes this possible! Two T-bar lifts, a four-seater chair lift, gentle slopes with 10 to 18 per cent gradients and a steep slope with a 28 per cent gradient await you at Germany’s first indoor ski hall. Get fit for the mountains and then relax afterwards at the JUFA Hotel Jülich im Brückenkopf-Park***!

Top ski resorts in detail

Lower Austria

Ski Resort Hochkar

The Hochkar Ski Resort operates 8 modern lifts and 2 conveyors. On 19 kilometres of slopes you can move through a unique Lower Austrian panorama. Incidentally, the Hochkar is known in Austria as a World Cup runners preparation ground. Enjoy high snow guarantee and the comfortable retreats.

In summary: 19 kilometres of slopes / 9 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Hochkar – Sport Resort at the Piste

Ski Resort Annaberg

The Annaberg ski area is especially appreciated by families. The wonderful Anna Land has a lot to offer with two practice lifts, funny figures and talking animals in the fairy tale forest! Skilled winter sports enthusiasts will glide down the more demanding FIS-suitable slopes. The Anna Park with rails, boxes and an ongoing ski and boarder cross course also enthuses ski and snowboard pros.

In summary: 12,5 kilometres of slopes / 6 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Annaberg – Bergerlebnis Resort at the piste

Upper Austria

Ski Resort Kasberg – Grünau

With the free ski bus you can go directly to the slopes! On 21 km of slopes you can really indulge in the winter. There are retreats on the way! Here you can still experience genuine hospitality: Hochberghaus, Sonnalm, Kasbergalm-Hütte or the Sepp-Huber-Hütte. Top in the ski area is the beginner-friendly children’s ski arena and the supervised freestyle park.

In summary: 21 kilometres of slopes / 13 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Almtal (8 km Ski bus 20 metres from the hotel )

Ski Resort Wurzeralm & Hinterstoder

From the Frauenkar, the 1,870 m highest point of the Wurzeralm ski resort, from an altitude of 1,400 m, 2 ski runs start down into the valley. Ski fun is guaranteed on the Wurzeralm! Do you want to test your nerve on the Hannes-Trinkl World Cup slope? The backdrop of the World Cup location Hinterstoder is fantastic!

In summary: 22 Pistes / 8 Lifts (Wurzeralm); 40 Pistes / 14 Lifts (Hinterstoder)
Skiing holiday in: JUFA Hotel Pyhrn-Priel (4.8 km to Wurzeralm / 19.9 km to Hinterstoder Ski bus from the hotel)


Ski Resort Loser-Sandling

33 kilometres of slopes await winter sports fans at the ski resort of Loser Bergbahnen Altaussee. Slopes are offered here for all difficulty levels, subdivided into easy and medium to difficult. On the JUFA ski trail you can get from the Salzberg to the Skiberg. A small tip for SpeedFreaks: The Loser Alm Schuss is the steepest slope in the Salzkammergut.

In summary: 33 kilometres of slopes / 8 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Altaussee at the Piste, Bad Aussee (7 km) and Grundlsee (16 km)

Ski Resort Tauplitz

Styrian ski instructors are trained here! Records demonstrate a snow depth of up to 4 meters, making the Tauplitz one of the most snow-guaranteed ski resorts in Austria. Because of the convenient location you can enjoy a lot of sun hours. In the Children’s Land with covered magic carpet, the little ones practice their first “Bogerl”, until they can go on the “big slopes”!

In summary: 42 kilometres of slopes / 17 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Altaussee (14 km), Bad Aussee (14 km), Grundlsee (24 km)


Ski Resort Schladming-Dachstein

Skiing at Hauser Kaibling, on the Planai, the Hochwurzen and the Reiteralm: Enjoy skiing on the 4-mountain ski area with 123 km of slopes and enjoy the wonderful view of the Dachstein and the surrounding area. The best prepared wide ski slopes with different levels of difficulty await you: From beginners’ slopes, to leisurely, to demanding – everyone will feel at home here!

In summary: 123 kilometres of slopes / 44 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Schladming 200 m near the Piste

Ski Resort Riesneralm

Four valley runs of 900 metres difference in altitude each on more than 30 kilometres of slopes: Race down from 1,800m above see level to the valley and enjoy the privilege of the many attractive and excellently prepared slopes. The Riesneralm Ski Resort is a true insider tip and offers unique conditions for beginners and advanced skiers. Around the ski mountain you can find an ample free-ride area.

In summary: 30 kilometres of slopes / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Donnersbachwald – Almerlebnis*** ✓at the piste

Ski Resort Planneralm

Due to the favourable situation (1,600 – 2,200 m above sea level), the ski area Planneralm offers excellent slopes with natural snow from the beginning of December to the end of April. The small, fine and family-friendly ski resort thrills with great infrastructure: Glass floor lift, Plannerjet and Corner rail, the Kinderland with two magic rugs and cable lift, … and, of course, lots of fun in the huts! Enjoy skiing on perfectly groomed natural snow slopes!

In summary: 16 kilometres of slopes / 4 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Planneralm – Alpine Resort at the slope


Ski Resort Kreischberg

Skiing, snowboarding, cross- country skiing or tobogganing in the more than 40 kilometres of slopes of the World Cup mountain, make the hearts of all winter sports enthusiasts beat a little faster. On the Speed slope the record of more than 80km/h can surely still be broken. Have you ever heard of Tubing? With tubing you go rapidly downhill for 200 m. You are caught up by the counter slope.

In summary: 42 kilometres of slopes / 11 lifts. Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Murau*** (8 km, Ski bus from the hotel)

Lachtal Ski Resort

25km of blue-red-black slopes, 10km of ski routes, a 150 hectare sunny ski paradise: Lachtal Ski Resort. In one of the most popular and snow guaranteed ski resorts in Styria, you can enjoy all levels of difficulty of winter pleasure from 1,600 to 2,222 metres altitude.

In summary: 29 kilometres of slopes / 9 lifts. Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Judenburg – Hotel zum Sternenturm (35 km, Ski bus from the hotel)JUFA Hotel Oberwölz-Lachtal (14 km, Ski bus from the hotel) and JUFA Hotel Murau*** (33,4 km)

Ski Resort Gaal

Snow guarantee – perfectly prepared pistes, top sports goods at the ski rental and hearty ski instructors are the guarantee for a wonderful and family skiing day in Gaal. In addition to beginners and leisure skiers, winter sports enthusiasts, sports skiers, snowboarders and New Schoolers will all be enthusiastic about winter sports. A great small ski resort, where small pistes are really big!

In summary: 5 kilometres of slopes / 3 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Seckau (11 km)

Frauenalpe Ski Resort

Here you get to ski on 100% natural snow. The Frauenalpe operates 36 ski lifts and has 36 hectares of slopes. It is a popular ski resort in the Murau mountains. Beginners and children also feel comfortable on 9 slopes with all levels of difficulty. Enjoy carefree days on the slopes at this small and excellent family ski resort!

In summary: 10 kilometres of slopes / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Murau (210 m)

Upper Styria

Ski Resort Präbichl

Carve, glide, sports downhill: On a route of 20 km of slopes, winter hearts beat faster. „Purzelwiese“, Schlumperwald“, „FIS-Rennstrecke“. Varied slopes with different levels of difficulty are available for family or corporate experiences. The Präbichl Ski Arena is a winter wonderland and guarantees unforgettable winter fun with the highest snow safety.

In summary: 20 kilometres of slopes / 7 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Eisenerz – Almerlebnis (13 km)

Ski Resort Mariazeller Bürgeralpe

FIS I, FIS II, FIS-Bypass, race piste, Hofstatt starting point, Cable car starting point, Franz-Kuss starting point. You can see that the Mariazeller Bürgeralpe is inexhaustible. Whether you are an inexperienced newcomer or a ski professional, you will find slopes of all difficulty levels. In addition, renowned ski schools are available.

In summary: 11 kilometres of slopes / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Mariazell – Erlaufsee Sport-Resort (400 m to the pistes, Ski bus from the hotel) and JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Sigmundsberg (4,2 km, Ski bus from the hotel)

Ski Resort Gemeindealpe

The Gemeindealpe is a diverse winter experience land: 15 km of slopes, speed track, snow park, free-ride area, but also an insider tip for touring enthusiasts, cross-country skiers and winter hikers.

In summary: 15 kilometres of slopes / 3 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Mariazell – Erlaufsee Sport Resort (4.4 km, Ski bus from the hotel) and JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Sigmundsberg (9.4 km, Ski bus from the hotel)

Ski Resort Veitsch-Brunnalm

Here families can roam over perfectly prepared slopes! On a slope length of 11 km, you can find all levels of difficulty – from blue to red, up to three black slopes for really advanced skiers. Well trained instructors are also available for all winter sports enthusiasts. In the 20,000 m² Children’s Land, it is really fun to practise the first “Bogerl”.

In summary: 11 kilometres of slopes / 4 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Veitsch (9 km)

Ski Resort Semmering/Stuhleck

Experience slope magic at the Stuhleck, the highest mountain on the eastern edge of the Alps, with a height of 1,782 m. The ski area is waiting for you with great attractions: The snow park, the WISBI race piste, rail park, speed-measurement slope, snow tubing and a night slope leave nothing to be desired. Beginners get their first runs on the practice slope in Semmi’s Kinderland, until they are fit for the “big” slopes.

In summary: Kilometres of slopes / 11 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Veitsch (29 km)

Southern and Western Styria

Ski Resort Salzstiegl

How about skiing or tobogganing on the western Styrian Salzstiegl? The ski and tobogganing resort has it all: 40 hectares of slopes, 12 km of runs, 6 ski lifts, rustic cottages and guesthouses. But also the day and night toboggan run scores with a 2 km long illuminated slope. The ideal winter trip for the family holiday.

In summary: 12 kilometres of slopes / 6 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Maria Lankowitz (30.3 km)

Ski Resort Gaberl Stubalm

Families with children feel particularly comfortable here: 4 ski lifts pull you up to the start of the overviewable ski and snowboard slopes. The Schiregion Gaberl is a ski resort with charm and varied degrees of difficulty. Or would you prefer cross-country skiing? On a 15 km long trail you go through the snow-covered forests of the Western Styria.

In summary: 11.5 kilometres of slopes / 4 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Maria Lankowitz (24,4 km)

Klopeiner See - South Carinthia

Ski Resort Petzen

Bergerlebnis Petzen – always something is going on! Out of the mist, up on the slopes: 20 km of well prepared ski slopes invite families to great skiing experiences. Rails, boxes and kickers are waiting for snowboarders and freestyle skiers in the snow park. So much skiing fun makes you hungry: Take some refreshment with a snack at the rustic alpine hut and enjoy the gentle winter sun on the sun terrace!

In summary: 26 kilometres of slopes / 6 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Bleiburg/Pliberk – Sport-Resort*** (7 km)

Weissensee - Gitschtal

Ski Resort Weißbriach

Comfortable, child-friendly and directly in Weißbriach: Well prepared ski slopes with magic carpet for kids and lots of huts. The ski area is particularly suitable for learning to ski or snowboard or to improve abilities. The best part: The ski card for the family-friendly ski resort Weissbriach is included in the price!

In summary: 4 kilometres of slopes / 3 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Gitschtal – Landerlebnis at the Piste


Ski Resort Klippitztörl

13 slopes, 6 ski lifts, 28 km of slopes: The family-friendly Klippitztörl Ski Resort awaits skiers, snowboarders and snowshoe hikers. Likewise, there are quaint rest stops and which are ready to welcome and refresh you with food and drink. Enjoy a real Carinthian winter experience at Klippitztörl!

In summary: 28 kilometres of slopes / 6 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Knappenberg (15 km)

Nockberge - Turracher Höhe

Ski Resort Hochrindl

Ski holiday with 7 lifts and 21 kilometres of slopes: The “Hochrindl” ski area is awarded with the Carinthian Seal of Piste Quality and it’s easy to see why. It is located at 1550 to 2441 meters above sea level and offers unique holiday fun: Skiing, cross-country skiing, winter hiking, tobogganing and even wellness options.

In summary: 21 kilometres of slopes / 7 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Nockberge – Almerlebnis at the Piste

Ski Resort Turracher Höhe

On the Turracher Höhe, from November until the beginning of May, wide and spacious slopes await you at an altitude of 2,205 m. In the snow-guaranteed winter paradise, you can enjoy 42 downhill runs into the valley. On the varied ski slopes with different degrees of difficulty, everyone will find their own personal ski fun. Top Every Wednesday, night ski runs from 20 to 21.30 h at the training piste lift.

In summary: 42 kilometres of slopes / 14 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Nockberge – Almerlebnis (20 km)


Ski Region Katschberg

More Ski at the Katschi! With guaranteed availability of snow, you will slalom down into the valley on perfectly groomed ski slopes with a total length of 70 kilometres and different levels of difficulty. Various rustic ski huts provide recreation on the way. Katschi’s Children’s World offers young slope champions child-friendly slopes, a heat pavilion, children ski schools and funny “Katschis” to ski through.

In summary: 70 kilometres of slope / 16 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Lungau (6 km)


Ski Resort Kitzsteinhorn

The Kitzsteinhorn is high, it is the highest ski resort of Salzburg and that really means something. How about reaching the highest point in Salzburg? The summit world 3000 is easy to reach for everyone. 23 exciting slopes, 41 km of pistes, from blue to black levels of difficulty make a trip to the Kitzsteinhorn unforgettable. Panoramic madness included!

In summary: 41 kilometres of slopes / 20 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Kaprun (5 km, Ski bus from the hotel)

Ski Resort Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm

The world-famous Saalbach-Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn ski area is a skiing region with seemingly endless, snowy slopes in a captivating landscape. 270 kilometres of ski trails, 70 cable cars and ski lifts make it one of Austria’s largest skiing regions. Blue, red and black pistes offer a range of slopes for beginners, families and experts – pure skiing enjoyment! In addition, the ski area also offers extensive ski circuits for hours of skiing pleasure.

In a nutshell: 270 kilometres of pistes / 70 lifts
Skiing holiday in: JUFA Alpenhotel Saalbach**** (0.5 km, ✓Ski lift within walking distance)

Ski Resort Maiskogel

Perfectly prepared pistes for beginners and professionals await you at the Maiskogel ski resort. To make the most of the first “Bogerl”, the practice slope on the Maisilift is just the right thing! The best location and the large area of snow guarantee snow from early December to early spring.

In summary: 20 kilometres of slopes / 4 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Kaprun (1 km, Ski bus from the hotel)

Ski Resort Schmittenhöhe

The Schmittenhöhe is not only a popular ski resort with 77 km of slopes, but also is a winter hiking paradise at an altitude of 2,000 meters. When winter hiking, time stands still. Who wouldn’t want to stop the clock on a ski holiday or family holiday? By the way, you get to the summit with a cable car designed by Porsche-Design!

In summary: 77 kilometres of slopes / 26 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Kaprun (7 km)


Ski Resort Ski amadé

Experience true skiing pleasure in Austria’s largest ski resort which is well known all over the world. Take advantage of a single ticket to have 270 lifts and enjoy the valleys on 760 kilometres of slopes. A lot of variety, enchanting pistes and hut fun are guaranteed here!

In summary: 270 kilometres of slopes / 760 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Altenmarkt*** (3km, Ski bus from the hotel)


Ski Resort Obertauern

The Obertauern ski area is a beautiful winter wonderland and a true pilgrimage destination for winter sports fans. 26 cable ways and lifts are like spider webs through the white ski landscape of Obertauern. They take skiers and snowboarders safely to the start of their experience: Rapid descents on 61 easy, 35 medium difficulty and 4 advanced downhill runs.

In summary: 100 kilometres of slopes / 26 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Lungau*** (28 km)


Ski Region (Oberlungau and Katschberg) 35 km blue slopes, 95 km red slopes and 20 km of black slopes: The 3 ski regions Katschberg-Aineck, Grosseck-Speiereck and Fanningberg feature a total of 150 kilometres of slopes and 32 lifts. Whether young or old, beginner or advanced: This is where the whole family is catered for.

In summary: 50 kilometres of slope / 11 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Lungau*** (1,5 km, Ski-bus from the hotel


Bergeralm Ski Region

Whether you are a beginner or top athlete – everyone is catered for in one of the most snow-assured regions of Austria, the Bergeralm ski region. Wintertime action on one of Austria’s steepest slopes? A lot of courage is required for a 46-degree slope. The “Manni Pranger” world cup slope thrills winter athletes in the Bergeralm ski and leisure arena. However, even beginners feel at ease on the slopes.

In summary: 28 kilometres of slope / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Wipptal near the slope


Ski Region Golm

Even the most persistent winter sports athletes sooner or later become exhausted on this Golm slope. You jet down into the valley on skis along 9.2 kms of continuous slope. The difference in altitude from the Rätikon Mountain Railway Station up to the Golmerbahn Valley Station is 1,460 m. A new highlight is inaugurated on the Golm with the Diabolo-slope. Skiing fun on perfectly prepared slopes in Montafon´s first ski region!

Short & concisely: 43 kilometres of slope / 9 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Lungau (2 km, Ski-bus from the hotel)

Ski Region Silvretta Montafon

You rarely get to see something as beautiful as this: The skiing paradise covers 225 km of marked slopes. From the longest slope of Vorarlberg, the Hochjoch Total, across the Silvretta Ski Safari to the countless navigable adventure mountains of the surroundings – no other region offers such a variety of options for winter sports. Experience great skiing in Vorarlberg´s most prominent sports ski region!

Short & concisely: 225 kilometres of slope / 37 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Montafon (10 km)


Ski Resort Malbun

In a side valley of the Saminatal, the slopes of the winter paradise of Malbun lie between 1600 and 2100 metres above sea level. Skiing and snowboarding: Winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy their skiing holiday here. In the Malbun Ski Resort you can ski on easy terrain and on fast training slopes. The slopes are perfect for beginners as well as for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

In summary: 23 kilometres of slopes / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Malbun – Alpin-Resort***s at the Pistes


Ski Resort Eschach

An easy-going ski area, just a few minutes’ drive from Kempten, awaits you in the family Ski Resort Schwärzenlifte in Eschach. A snow making system provides the best skiing conditions for skiers, snowboarders and rollers. A separate snow park with rails, boxes and kickers makes the Eschach Ski Resort all the more exciting. Here the whole family feels comfortable.

In summary: 3 kilometres of slopes / 12 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Kempten im Allgäu – Familien Resort (11,1 km)

Ski Resort Ofterschwang

In the Ofterschwang Ski Resort, you will find worldcup slopes, family slopes, 14 km of endless cross-country ski runs and wonderful winter hiking trails. Or do you prefer to whizz down the mountain on inflated tires? Snow tubing and tobogganing are just as popular in the Ofterschwang Ski Resort. You can also access 5 Ski Resorts with only 1 ski pass with the HörnerSchnee fun pass.

In summary: 17,9 kilometres of slopes / 7 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Kempten im Allgäu – Familien-Resort (25 km)

Ski Resort Oberjoch

Winter is of particular importance in the highest mountain village of Germany: The first ski lift in Germany was opened here, and the Oberjoch Ski Resort still guarantees its winter sports facilities with its 32 kilometres of slopes. In 2015, the Ski Resort Oberjoch was also the venue for the FIS European Cup race

In summary: 32 kilometres of slopes / 5 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Kempten im Allgäu – Familien Resort (41.6 km)

Oberstaufen Hiking Region and Ski Resort

28 lifts and cable cars await winter sports enthusiasts in the four Oberstaufen ski resorts in the heart of the Allgäu region. Here you will find pistes suitable for all levels of ability and at the Hündle-Thalkirchdorf ski resort you can ski down into the valley on floodlit pistes. The pistes are steep at Hochgrat, Imberg is very family-friendly and Sonnenhang is an ideal place to practice your first ski moves in the snow.

In summary: 50 kilometres of slopes / 28 lifts
Skiing holiday at the: JUFA Hotel Wangen – Sport-Resort (39.1 km)

Mutter und Kind liegen beim Skifahren im Schnee und haben Spaß in den Alpen. JUFA Hotels bietet erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winterurlaub.
Skiing Holiday with Family for less than €100

Fancy a great skiing holiday with the whole family? Skiing does not always have to be expensive! In our blog post we show you some great money saving tips and favorable insider tips. There is fun on the slopes!

What is the snow situation at the ski resorts?

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