I feel the need ... the need for speed – driving experiences at the Red Bull Ring

Until now, I have managed to successfully avoid having anything to do with any type of sport that involves travelling at top speeds. I even avoided the fairground rides at the Welser Folk Festival! However, I am no longer avoiding it. In fact, I am actually embracing the idea now that I have experienced the KTM X-Bow driving experience at the motor sport circuit at Spielberg!

It all happened so quickly. I heaved myself into the car and then a helper buckled my seatbelt tightly. I was then told not to hold onto the handle to my left as it was the hand brake! Bernhard told me that the first lap was actually just a warm-up to allow the engine to warm up. He would give me the signal when it was actually time to step on the gas. And suddenly, a roaring sound came from the engine as it got to the right temperature and Bernhard was good to go.

Wow! The feeling is indescribable! I felt a slight tingle of nerves in the pit of my stomach which reminded me of those fairground rides I experienced at the Welser Folk Festival when I was a child. I remember how even back then I hated the fast jerking motion of the carousel which was called the St Petersburg Sleigh Ride. Only the bravest would pay the few schillings to spin around at lightning speed and then wobble off the ride beaming with pride.

I was also quietly hoping that my breakfast would stay down! I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than throwing up next to a genuine racing driver in a genuine KTM X-Bow racing car! And on top of that, at the Red Bull Ring (formerly the Spielberg Ring), the birthplace of Austrian motorsport.

Sie sehen die Reisebloggerin Gudrun Krinzinger hinter einem Offroad-Buggy auf dem Redbullring in Spielberg. JUFA Hotels bietet erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.
Sie sehen die Reisebloggerin Gudrun Krinzinger von hinten. Sie blickt auf einen Abschnitt der Rennstrecke auf dem Redbullring in Spielberg. JUFA Hotels bietet erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.
Sie sehen eine Gruppe beim Gokartfahren auf dem Redbullring in Spielberg. JUFA Hotels bietet erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.

Until now, I have managed to successfully avoid having anything to do with any type of sport that involves travelling at top speeds. More recently, I have even turned down invitations to race around a go-kart track. In comparison with what I have just experienced, this activity that my colleagues enjoy so much now looks like a gentle stroll around the park! The driving experience in an off-road buggy certainly turned out to be a more rugged experience. During several parts of the proceedings, I was well and truly thrown about . I was fortunate to have a thoughtful and cautious driver.

Back to the driving centre. I still had the clicking sound of the seat belt in my ears as Bernhard raised his thumb to show me that things were about to get serious and that we about to ramp up the speed. We whizzed around the bends and reached at least 300 km/h on the straights. I clung obediently to the handle on my right-hand side with my eyes open wide so that I would not miss a thing.

I wasn’t really interested in which handle or pedal Bernard was pressing next to me as I trusted him completely. We finally drove round the final lap and turned a tight 360 degrees so that the car stood just a few centimetres from the garage.

’So, how was it?’ my friends asked me. I got out of the car on unsteady legs and greedily tried to inhale some oxygen. Had I actually completely held my breath the whole time I was in the car? When I finally recovered my voice, I managed to enquire about the speed we had been travelling at. The answer was 120 kilometres per hour!

Bernard was just as astonished as I was when I told him after the driving experience that I had not sat behind the wheel of a car since I took my driving test way back in the distant past. However, I failed to mention to him that I actually have all the qualities that are needed to become a racing driver in my blood. I had to take my driving test twice and the reason I failed it the first time was because I drove too quickly!

Gudrun Krinzinger schreibt unter anderem für Happy Kompass - den JUFA-Blog. JUFA Hotels bieten erholsamen Familienurlaub und einen unvergesslichen Winter- und Wanderurlaub.
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