Family Holidays in green Styria

The most densely wooded and greenest province in Austria stretches from the Ausseerland in the Styrian Salzkammergut, over the national park Gesäuse and the Alps of Upper Styria to the gentle vineyards of the Styrian land of thermal springs.

In the most beautiful regions of Styria, people go hiking, cycling and exploring – the province presents itself as a lively, honest, homely and sporty place. The mild, Mediterranean climate also does its best to illuminate the wonders of nature in the most beautiful light.

The JUFA Hotels in Styria are located in the most beautiful, most relaxing and sporty regions and are the perfect starting point for outdoor adventures in Styria.

The most attractive offers in Styria

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JUFA Seminar hotel Graz City***

The JUFA Seminarhotel Graz City*** is ideal for seminars and conferences in the Styrian…

JUFA Seminar Hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont***

The JUFA Seminar hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont*** is ideal for seminars and…

JUFA Hotel Graz-Süd***

The JUFA Hotel Graz-Süd*** family hotel offers ideal accommodation for your family…

JUFA Hotel Altaussee***

The JUFA Hotel Altaussee*** is the ideal option for your family holidays in the…

JUFA Hotel Graz City***

The JUFA Hotel Graz City*** is the family hotel in Graz for your family holiday or for…

JUFA Hotel Eisenerz – Almerlebnis***

The JUFA Hotel Eisenerz – Almerlebnis*** is the perfect starting point for a perfect…

JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Erlaufsee Sport-Resort

Sporthotel JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Erlaufsee Sport-Resort for your active holidays –…

JUFA Hotel Judenburg – Hotel zum Sternenturm

Spend a relaxed family & spa holiday in the JUFA Hotel Judenburg in Styria. Room with…

JUFA Hotel Seckau/Spielberg***

Enjoy a varied family holiday at JUFA Hotel Seckau/Spielberg*** – during summer as well…

JUFA Hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont***

The JUFA Hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont*** is the Castle for any occasion! Romantic or…

JUFA Hotel Schladming***

The JUFA Hotel Schladming*** is the ideal option for your family holidays in the…

JUFA Hotel Pöllau – Bio-Landerlebnis***

Enjoy a family holiday in the country at the JUFA Hotel Pöllau – Bio-Landerlebnis***…

JUFA Hotel Planneralm – Alpin-Resort***

Enjoy a wellness- & family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Planneralm – Alpin-Resort*** in…

JUFA Hotel Oberwölz-Lachtal

Enjoy the perfect family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Oberwölz-Lachtal in Styria the whole…

JUFA Hotel Maria Lankowitz

The JUFA Hotel Maria Lankowitz in southern Styria is ideal for your group or family…

JUFA Hotel Grundlsee***

The JUFA Hotel Grundlsee*** in the Salzkammergut region is ideal for a spa holiday with…

JUFA Hotel Vulkanland – Sport-Resort

Book the JUFA Hotel Gnas – Sport-Resort now, the ideal location for your training camp…

JUFA Hotel Donnersbachwald – Almerlebnis***

Enjoy the perfect skiing or family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Donnersbachwald –…

JUFA Hotel Deutschlandsberg – Sport-Resort***

The JUFA Hotel Deutschlandsberg – Sport-Resort*** is the perfect hotel for training…

JUFA Natur-Hotel Bruck***

The JUFA Hotel in Bruck is the ideal accommodation for seminars or families. Wellness…

JUFA Hotel Bad Aussee***

Enjoy the perfect family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Bad Aussee*** in the Salzkammergut…

JUFA Hotel Stubenbergsee

The JUFA Hotel Stubenbergsee*** in Styria is perfectly equipped for a family holiday and…

JUFA Hotel Veitsch***

The JUFA Hotel Veitsch*** is the ideal location for family holiday with children…

JUFA Hotel Tieschen – Bio-Landerlebnis***

The JUFA Hotel Tieschen – Bio-Landerlebnis*** offers the ideal family holiday on a farm…

JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Sigmundsberg

The JUFA Hotel Mariazell – Sigmundsberg is ideal for your hiking or skiing holiday, even…

JUFA Hotel Fürstenfeld – Sport-Resort***s

JUFA Hotel Fürstenfeld – Sport-Resort***s is the top sports hotel for training camps…

JUFA Hotel Murau***

Enjoy first-class family holidays at the JUFA Hotel Murau***. Hiking, Sauna, Skiing…

JUFA Hotel Leibnitz – Sport-Resort***

The JUFA Hotel Leibnitz – Sport-Resort*** is the top sports hotel for your training camp…

The most beautiful regions in Styria

Enjoyment holidays in Styria´s green heart

Austria´s second-largest city is embedded in a hilly green landscape and presents itself as a genuine Styrian, a calm and exciting city of contrasts.

Graz is both a modern “City of Design”, as well as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. It is a young student city with an atmosphere of customs and tradition. During the warmer months, the popular side streets of the city of enjoyment attract visitors with their southern flair and exciting galleries. The green recreational areas, the City Park and the Rosenhain, as well as the banks of the river Mur, are equally popular family destinations, as is the Leechwald with its enchanting Hilmteich.

The JUFA Hotel Graz City is within walking distance of numerous attractions and the mediaeval old town. It is the perfect starting point for your family holidays in Styria.

Family holiday in the mystical Ausseerland in the Styrian Salzkammergut Region

This destination is reached quickly – the Ausseerland in the Salzkammergut Region is the geographical centre of Austria, Styria. From clean, shimmering lakes to steep mountain ranges and far drawn valleys. The Styrian Salzkammergut Region enjoys the world-wide reputation of being one of Austria´s most impressive landscapes.

Spending a family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Altaussee, Bad Aussee or Grundlsee, means travelling into a world of mysterious waters, fragrant flowers and majestic mountains.

Adventure trips to the Upper Styrian Mariazell region

The Mariazell region unfolds its touristic diversity between the Josefsberg and Seeberg mountain passes The international pilgrimage location of Mariazell is situated in the centre of the region, a popular holiday destination with a decade-long tradition.

On hikes you will encounter the “Austria´s Grand Canyon” – the gorges of the Ötscher-Tormäuer natural park fascinate with their deep valleys and rushing brooks. From the popular excursion mountain, the Mariazeller Bürgeralpe, you can go to the green-blue Erlaufsee, as the region´s next exciting adventure.

The JUFA hotels in the Mariazell Region of Upper Styria are popular locations, but are also real base camps for adventures in airy altitudes and rocky depths.

Family holiday at the foot of the Gesäuse National Park in Admont

High above the Styrian town of Admont, a rocky giant with steep limestone peaks stands out from the picturesque landscape. The Gesäuse forms the northeastern part of the Austrian Ennstaler Alps.

The National Park is a symphony of rock and water, wide valleys and sunny high plains. A 110 km long hiking network leads through a habitat of rare animals and plants, along the rivers Enns and Salza and past numerous waterfalls. Since the beginnings of alpine sport, the name Gesäuse is associated with exciting mountain sports.

The JUFA Hotel Schloss Röthelstein*** in Admont is a true resting place and is quietly situated above the world-famous Benedictine monastery at the gates of the national park.

Acceralte and sweep into the Upper Murtal

Spielberg, the Styrian secret tip for family holidays, is situated in the Upper Murtal, between Zeltweg and Knittelfeld.

The region presents a cross-section from everything an adventurous mind could desire – high peaks, deep blue shimmering lakes and colourful meadows. Not only the Styrian countryside is world-famous – due to the surrounding decelerating mountain range, the Formula 1 racetrack of the Red Bull Ring is ready for true horsepower. The Murtal holiday region is the ideal setting for an active family holiday!

The JUFA Hotels around the Spielberg in the Murtal are situated between the Seetal, the Seckauer Alps and the rocky peaks of the Lower Tauern.

A short break and peak bliss in Schladming-Dachstein

The Styrian Adventure Paradise Schladming is situated between the Dachstein to the North and the Schladminger Tauern in the South.

With Styria´s highest peak, the Dachstein is not only Schladmings local mountain, but also the border region to Upper Austria, which attracts sportsmen and tourists. The variety of Schladmings attractions is unlimited, however measurable, with over 230 kilometres of slopes, 220 km of cross-country skiing routes, 1,000 km of hiking trails, 930 km cycling routes, 45 running tracks and 14 climbing routes, in the breathtaking region.

The JUFA Hotels in the holiday region Schladming-Dachstein rank highly with their selected locations and their features of first-class hotels, alpine resorts and alpine experience villages.

Breathe deeply in the Styrian thermal spa region

The Styrian thermal spa region stretches along golden yellow pumpkin fields and gentle landscapes around the East Austrian villages of Fürstenfeld, Tieschen and Gnas.

The hot springs of the region with their medicinal water warm the spirit, just as the warmth of the people and the mild Mediterranean climate do. The most famous thermal spas in Styria offer the most modern saunas, a wide ranging offer of therapies and adventurous experiences. If you want to move around under the blue sky, you can cycle on one day through 3 countries or walk to 18 impressive castles in the region.

The JUFA Hotels in the Styrian thermal spa region are a wonderful starting point for refreshing recreation or culinary highlights!

Recommended JUFA Hotels in Styria

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JUFA Seminar hotel Graz City***

The JUFA Seminarhotel Graz City*** is ideal for seminars and conferences in the Styrian capital Graz. Congress, workshop, meeting, barrier-free.

Idlhofgasse 74
8020 Graz
Phone: +43 (0)5 / 7083-210
Fax: +43 (0)5 / 7083-211
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Graz, Austria
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JUFA Seminar Hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont***

The JUFA Seminar hotel Schloss Röthelstein/Admont*** is ideal for seminars and conferences in the Gesäuse National Park, high in the mountains above the village of Admont. Congress, workshop, meeting, barrier-free.
Admont, Austria
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JUFA Hotel Graz-Süd***

The JUFA Hotel Graz-Süd*** family hotel offers ideal accommodation for your family holiday or for groups of young people. Climbing, cycling, seminars.

Herrgottwiesgasse 134
8020 Graz
Tel: +43 (0)5 / 7083-590
Fax: +43 (0)5 / 7083-291
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Graz, Styria
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