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Does your everyday life sometimes get to much for you? Do you feel down in the dumps? It is no coincidence that adventure holidays and adventure trips are becoming more and more popular. JUFA Hotels know the ropes and make the greatest effort to satisfy your wishes. The team is constantly developing quality offers with high experience value.

Don’t forget your sleeping bag and torch: In the outdoor tents of the Jurta villages, you will become a nomad overnight. In Phantasialand, in the Allgäu skyline park, in Legoland as well as in the Brückenkopf park, you will travel back to your childhood with your young ones, while you will love the alpacas that originate from camels in Pöllau. On the Mautern wild mountain you mingle among the animal inhabitants and dive into the varied adventures of the Erzberg. An adventure trip to Kempten will take you on a time trip to the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle.

JUFA Hotels are different! – Gather impressions with experience value!

Offers for your next holiday experience

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Why do our guests love to return?

  • "Schöner Kurzurlaub "
    Vero (Age 36-40, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Absolut empfehlenswert"
    Monika (Age 41-45, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Idyllisches Familienhotel "
    Karin (Age 36-40, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Sehr gute Bedingungen für ein Familientreffen."
    Peter (Age 66-70, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Jülich im Brückenkopf-Park
  • "Ruhige Umgebung, sehr gutes Essen, "
    Johanna (Age 36-40, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Wunderschön gelegenes, sehr freundliches JUF!"
    Inge (Age 41-45, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Zwischenstopp im Jufa"
    Verena (Age 36-40, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Tolles Familienhotel "
    Kerstin (Age 31-35, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis
  • "Abenteuerlustig in der Jurte"
    Tina (Age 41-45, traveled as family)
    JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis

Full action with the family

Animal Experiences in North Rhine Westphalia

Erdmännchen schauen gespannt im Tierpark. JUFA Hotels bietet kinderfreundlichen und erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.

Special location, special days: The JUFA Jülich Hotel im Brückenkopf-Park*** is situated in the eventful Brückenkopfpark, in the plains of the Holland Belgium-Germany border triangle. This is where you can get close to wolves, caress pets, paddle in a canoe or have fun in the high rope climbing garden. Access is free for JUFA Hotel guests!

Phantasialand, one of the most popular leisure parks in Europe, grants you real-life insights into fascinating countries and continents and you can enjoy adrenaline-driven trips through the exciting area.

Tent and Camping Holiday with Children

Jurtenzelte im JUFA Hotel Neutal - Landerlebnis. Der Ort für erlebnisreichen Natururlaub für die ganze Familie.

Have you ever spent the night together with your family in a yurt? Up to 5 persons can get a taste of nomad’s life in this adventurous type of accommodation. During the day, you can enjoy all the amenities of the JUFA Hotels. Spend an authentic adventure holiday with the family and spend the night in an exciting nomad tent.

When staying at the JUFA Neutal Hotel – Landerlebnis***, the JUFA Hotel Pöllau Bio-Landerlebnis and the JUFA Vulkan Camping-Resort, you will enjoy a special experience trip.

Animal Reserve & Castle Herberstein

Löwe im Tierpark Herberstein im Pöllauer Tal. JUFA Hotels bietet Ihnen den Ort für erlebnisreichen Natururlaub für die ganze Familie.

The JUFA Hotel Pöllau – Bio-Landerlebnis*** has some remarkable neighbours: Alpacas are distant relatives of camels and accompany you on your walks. The peace and slow pace of the animals and your wanderlust provide you with a close-up experience of a JUFA adventure holiday in the Pöllauer valley.

In order to adeqautely prepare yourself, you can start with getting to know the names of the extraordinary alpacas: Felipe, Genius and Eddy look forward to meeting new guests and a short walk. In the meantime, you wait in a stable with a large pasture.

An authentic Erzberg-adventure in Styria

Haulyabenteuerfahrt im Erzberg. JUFA Hotels bietet kinderfreundlichen und erlebnisreichen Urlaub für die ganze Familie.

The expression "Adventure Erzberg" is a well-known term to any Austrian – and not without a reason. In 2015, welcomed its 42,000th. visitor. A heavy-duty truck, the "Hauly", with its 860 HP, takes you across various different levels of the Erzberg and after reaching the centre of the iron giant with a former personnel transporter, you start following the footsteps of the miners.

Authentic experiences are closely related to the JUFA Hotel Eisenerz – Almerlebnis***. The Leopoldsteinersee is located in the immediate surroundings.

The most attractive JUFA hotels for your next holiday experience

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JUFA Hotel Königswinter/Bonn****

The JUFA Hotel Königswinter/Bonn***s is the perfect base for your family holiday in the Siebengebirge region. Nature experience, city tours and more.

Bergstraße 115
53639 Königswinter
Phone: +49 2223 /909650
Fax: +43 (0)5 / 70 83 199
E-Mail: koenigswinter@jufa.eu
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Königswinter, Nord Rhine-Westphalia
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JUFA Vulkan Thermen-Resort**** Hungary

Treat yourself to the perfect wellness-holiday at the JUFA Vulkan Thermen-Resort**** Thermal Spa Hotel in Hungary. Swimming, sauna, hiking, Wi-Fi, obstacle-free, gym.

Sport utca 10
9500 Celldömölk
Phone: +36 (95) 421180
Fax: +36 (95) 421183
Email: vulkantherme@jufa.eu
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Celldömölk, Vas
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JUFA Hotel Meersburg

Enjoy the best possible family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Meersburg at Lake Constance (Bodensee). Swimming, Cycling, child-friendly, Wellness.

Vorburggasse 1-3
88709 Meersburg
Phone: +49 (0)7532 / 44 58-092
Fax: +49 (0)7532 / 80 87-974
E-Mail: meersburg@jufa.eu
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Meersburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg
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JUFA Hotel Bregenz

The JUFA Hotel Bregenz is the ideal starting point for a family holiday near Lake Constance (Bodensee). Swimming, wellness, lift, climbing, hiking.

Mehrerauerstraße 5
6900 Bregenz
Phone: +43 (0)5 / 7083-540
Fax: +43 (0)5 / 7083-541
E-Mail: bregenz@jufa.eu
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Bregenz, Vorarlberg
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JUFA Hotel Jülich im Brückenkopf-Park***

Enjoy a camping & family holiday in the Rhineland at the JUFA Hotel Jülich im Brückenkopf-Park***. Sauna, sports hall, sauna, swimming, cycling, fitness gym.

Rurauenstraße 13
52428 Jülich
Phone: +49 (0)2461/99 66 67-0
Fax: +49 (0)2461/99 66 67-50
E-Mail: juelich@jufa.eu
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Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia
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JUFA Kempten im Allgäu – Familien-Resort

Enjoy your perfect wellness and family holiday at the JUFA Hotel Kempten im Allgäu in Bavaria. Home-cinema, playground, hiking, swimming.

Stadtbadstraße 5
87439 Kempten
Phone: +49 (0)831 / 52 38 40-80
Fax: +49 (0)831 / 52 38 40-822
E-Mail: kempten@jufa.eu
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Kempten, Bavaria
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Frau mit Headset und Ipad in den Händen. JUFA Hotels bietet Ihnen einen interessanten, abwechslungsreichen Arbeitsplatz in einem tollen Team in den schönsten Regionen in Österreich, Deutschland, Liechtenstein und Ungarn.
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