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History, Planets and the Middle Ages

Located right by the city walls, JUFA Nördlingen is the perfect place to begin your expedition into past times. The historic and former free imperial city of Nördlingen is located on the Romantic Road and stands out with its time-honored buildings and best preserved city wall in Germany.

The unique room concept at JUFA Nördlingen is dedicated to the planets.

The design of each room is centered around a planet and then customized with furniture and colors.

You can go on a journey through time back to the Middle Ages in our own defense tower.

Here, children can craft their own knight's shield, create a damsel's headdress, and build medieval musical instruments.

Sporty guests will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test on the huge playing field between JUFA and the medieval city wall with volleyball, soccer, or giant chess.

In the JUFA LEGO® playroom with its colorful building blocks, every child can give free rein to their imagination and create their own world.


LEGOLAND® Germany!

Awaiting the kids in nearby Günzburg is a dream come true: LEGOLAND® Germany.

Here, the entire family can go on a journey of discovery and adventure together, and by the end of the day, you will be left in awe!

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